SWD: -0+1/4” per foot of width
LWD: -0+1/4” per sheet


SWD: -0+1/4” per foot of width
LWD: -0+1/4” per foot of length


SWD: -0+1/4” per foot of width
LWD: -0+1/2 diamond size


Measured by placing a straight edge along the concave side of the sheet parallel to the LWD, touching both ends. The maximum distance from the edge expanded metal to the straight edge is the camber.
Standard and Flattened: 3/32” per foot of length


Edges shall not deviate from parallel more than
Standard: +1/16” per foot or ¼” overall, whichever is greater
Flattened: +1/8” per foot or 3/8” overall

Out of Square

Expanded metal sheets are not perfectly square as manufactured. Stock size sheets and machine run non-standard size sheets will be produced to the following tolerances.
Ends of sheets shall not be more than 1/8” per foot or ½” overall
Sheets that have to be perfectly square must go through a secondary process of shearing.


Flattened sheet shall not be less than 80% of nominal thickness of corresponding standard.

Non Standard Sheets

Machine Run

Where tolerances permit, machine run non-standard sheet sizes are manufactured to the same tolerances as stock size sheets.

Random Shearing

Stock size sheets can be random sheared when a closer tolerance is required. This is a secondary process.

Bond Shearing

Bond shearing can sometimes be performed, with limitations. This is a secondary process.